Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan – WWE RAW #1280

Roman Reigns (c) vs Jason Jordan

WWE Intercontinental Championship


Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, United States

(reviewed 12/05/2017) In my review of the first match these two had, I said that I’d like to see what they could do with a longer match, maybe a TV main event or something. While this is still an opener, they get plenty of time here in what ended up being the third-longest WWE TV match of the year or some shit and I’m glad for it because it resulted in a pretty damn good match. The vast majority of it is just these two punching each other and selling punches or slamming each other and selling these slams, so if you’re the sort of person who wants more variety to their matches this probably isn’t for you. Due to the execution, however, I’m a big fan of what these guys do here and how it plays into the slow-burn heel turn they seem to be moving Jordan toward. During the second commercial break Jordan tweaks his knee—which is already taped up coming into this match—doing a suplex over the ropes that sees him come crashing down on the apron leg-first. This gives the match a much-needed focus in the final segment but feels sort of off in terms of drama, at least for the viewer at home. They show the spot during a replay, of course, but once they actually come back from commercial Roman’s just randomly got Jordan in a half crab and the crowd’s going nuts and the replay doesn’t come around until over a minute and a half later so there’s a real disconnect there for anyone who wasn’t live in the building. A small foible but merely one that prevents this good third act from feeling great. Jordan sells the knee quite well and manages to power through it to hit a nifty little repeating northern lights suplex that he can’t get his full weight behind due to the bad wheel. Try as he might, Jordan still can’t hang with a main eventer like Roman, though, as once Roman kicks out of the suplex all it takes is the signature Superman punch and spear to put him away. Not stellar, in no small part due to the weirdness of the second commercial break, but a very solid match that improves on the first meeting a few months back and shows additional promise for the young Jordan.