Current Schedule

[updated August 8, 2018]

Along with match reviews of current wrestling, I like to embark on projects of various kinds on this blog. Sometimes these will also entail match reviews but they’ll come in all manner of formats as my scope expands. Here is a list of the projects I’m working on as of the date inscribed above.

Unnamed WWF/WWE Project:

As you can probably see by looking at my uploads from the last few months, I’ve been reviewing a lot of old WWF stuff, starting with the TV and PPVs aired in 1996. Initially my idea was to review the Steve Austin era in full, from his debut in January ’96 all the way through his last match at WrestleMania XIX, with the intent to fully grasp the peak of the man’s career and how it changed wrestling as we know it. As I’ve continued that project through WrestleMania 34 and the baffling Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns match, my perspective has shifted a little. I thought, as I believe many fans did, that this match would probably be the end of Lesnar’s wrestling career and I wanted to use the opportunity to launch another project I’ve been considering for quite a long time, an in-depth essay-driven career retrospective on the man entitled Brock on Brock. Today as it looks like the man is going to be sticking around a bit, and as I’ve been thinking about the effects of the Attitude Era more and more while I’m going through ’96 WWF, I’ve decided to continue my viewing past WrestleMania XIX all the way through at least WrestleMania XX and perhaps beyond. My intent is to document all of Brock Lesnar’s first run in WWE, later adding his second stint starting in 2012, and examining how Austin and the Attitude Era led to Lesnar’s rise and where we are today because of it. While Brock on Brock will remain a standalone series, it will be connected to this greater long-running project that I won’t be finishing anytime soon.

How Do You Like Your Love: Chikara 2006-2011:

Likewise if you’ve been seeing the things I’ve been uploading over the last few months, you’ll see a lot of 2006 Chikara events. My intent here is to revisit the five or six best years of one of my favorite wrestling promotions, especially with an examination of how it differs from other groups and why it mattered so much to myself and others. While I’m considering continuing that viewing through to the modern day, as I’m far less versed in post-peak Chikara than I’d like, my primary focus is to see it through to the High Noon iPPV in November 2011.

1000 Matches Better Than Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker from WrestleMania 25:

Just as the name suggests. I’m looking to find a cool grand of matches that I think are better than one of the most beloved matches of all time.

Relitigating 2015:

This will likely be a project in conjunction with my friend Quentin Moody, though don’t keep your hopes up for that. If nothing else, I’d like to revisit many of the reviews from my first year of blogging in a year that has grown to be rather well-regarded by many fans today. I’d also like to finally watch many of the matches I missed the first time around and examine how 2015 was something of a crossroads on nearly every level of wrestling.