Most of this site is dedicated to match reviews. From time to time, however, I’ll write something a little different that is generally more fleshed-out than a single match review, and you’ll be able to find the results here in the order that they were written. Some of these come from the now-defunct Wrestling With Words website and are delineated as such. Some of these are guest posts from friends of mine and are likewise denoted that way. Enjoy.

Gratitude & Goodbye: The Retirement of Daniel Bryan (02/09/2016): My reaction to Bryan’s retirement and recollection of my memories with him.

Hell is in Pittsburgh Tonight (06/29/2016): Coming to terms with Mick Foley and the infamous Hell in a Cell match.

The Cult of Pentagon Jr. (09/05/2016): In preparation for Lucha Underground season 3, a look back at Pentagon Jr.’s rise to prominence and his deathmatch at the first Ultima Lucha.

They Know the Score (09/20/2016): Growing up in the American Midwest and what I’ve learned from fellow Midwesterners CM Punk and Dean Ambrose.

Bordering on Insanity (10/17/2016): A look at the intricacies of the Canada-United States border and how it effects independent wrestling.

Natural Born Sinner: A Tragedy in Four Acts (11/04/2016): An in-depth analysis of Homicide’s rise to the top in ROH and eventual downfall.

Two Departures (11/11/2016): Detailing the similarities and differences in the teary farewells of Shinsuke Nakamura and Akira Tozawa.

Some Small Semblance of Joy: Chikara High Noon (11/13/2016): Five years later, a lengthy breakdown of Chikara’s High Noon iPPV and its momentous main event.

The Ten Count (01/29/2017): Through the lens of the history of the ten count in boxing and pro wrestling, an examination of John Cena and Umaga’s Last Man Standing match.

They Seem Like Soulmates (02/14/2017): Chuck Taylor, Trent, and the little moments that give me hope.

Bret, Austin, and the Establishment (03/23/2017): Trying to juggle ethics, ideology, and entertainment on the 20th anniversary of the era-defining Stone Cold vs Bret Hart match.

Of Leaders and Followers (04/01/2017): Zack Sabre Jr., Timothy Thatcher, what they stand for, and what happened at EVOLVE 79.

I Love You, Let’s Not Light Ourselves on Fire (05/09/2017): Coming to terms with my enjoyment and support of an industry built on self-destruction.

I Love You, Little Brother (05/25/2017): 25 years on, revisiting Kobashi & Kikuchi vs the Can-Ams as my brother moves in for the summer.

I Grew Wings (06/13/2017): A guest post from Quentin Moody, describing the magic and the memories of Okada/Omega II.

You Get By With What You Got (07/21/2017): How sleazy sports bars provided comfort and camaraderie through the world of professional wrestling.

The Magic of PWG’s Giant-Size Annual #4 (07/29/2017): On its 10th anniversary, how three matches come together to create an astounding affirmation of what I love.

1000 Days (03/31/2018): An update, an apology, and an anniversary.

Bluegrass (06/30/2018): Learning to accept who Kenny Omega is by way of what I’ve learned from lost love.

I Understand Now (04/06/2019): Quentin Moody exorcising the demon that is Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole from NXT TakeOver: New York.

Really, Thank You (02/06/2020): Introduction to a new review series from Quentin Moody, discussing the prime years of Timothy Thatcher and Jumbo Tsuruta.