Sage Philips vs Travis Huckabee – Bizarro Lucha Who’s Your Daddy?

Sage Philips vs Travis Huckabee

James C. Businessman’s 100% By the Book, Rules Enforced, No Nonsense Professional Grappling Invitational Match


Indiana City Brewing Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

(reviewed 10/05/2019) Fun little technical spotfest sort of thing. I’ve never been much of a Sage Philips fan and my usual complaints about him persist here, but at the very least his unconvincing abilities work better when he’s a heel being propped up by the conniving capitalists at ringside. Thankfully Huckabee also delivers his usual performance, full of nasty little strikes and some slick grappling that makes good on the promise of the absurd gimmick. (That gimmick, by the by, is just a nonsense name referring to the ROH Pure title rules.) Wish this match wasn’t undercut so much by an angle revolving around “Kerry Awful” and the surprisingly similar-looking Mr. Businessman but if you’ve liked Sage in the past and/or are curious about what Huckabee can do with a lesser opponent, give this a glance.

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