Zack Sabre Jr vs James Mason – RPW Live at the Cockpit 40

Zack Sabre Jr (c) vs James Mason

RPW British Heavyweight Championship


Cockpit Theatre, Marleybone, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 09/20/2019) Wish BritWres was (emphasis on was because that shit is deaaaaad) more focused on British wrestling because something like this is a wonderful peek into a better world. I’ve still got lots of pernicious little issues with Zack’s work despite how much better he’s gotten of late, but World of Sport tribute matches like this do a lot to smooth out those bumps. His effortlessly smooth grappling plays a lot better in a setting that leans closer to crowd-pleasing exhibition than dramatic competition, especially when Zack often finds himself on the wrong end of such slickness. Mason’s probably the last best herald of that British style and does well to play to its naturally comedic elements, which in turn highlights Zack’s propensity to play the crybaby who’s not quite as talented as he likes to think. Sadly I think this one loses a lot of momentum toward the end, in part because it becomes a lot more physical and intense earlier than in other matches of this style, leaving less room for escalation later on. Still, I really love how Mason starts pulling out the big guns right at the end and how his decision to deviate away from that and back into his usual forte is what hands Zack the win. Fun little thing.

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