Jonathan Gresham & Jushin Liger vs Bullet Club – ROH Honor Rising 2019 Day 1

Jonathan Gresham & Jushin Liger vs Bullet Club (Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles)


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 08/09/2019) Awesome match, basically the platonic ideal of what I’d want from a midcard crowd-pleaser in New Japan and/or ROH at this point. Gresham and Knee Work Bob go at it for a good long while, flexing all their technical muscles in an endearing segment where the American confounds and confuses the Aussie, much to the delight of the Korakuen crowd. Lots of clever reversals, lots of slapstick comedy, lots of goofy reactions played for laughs, etc etc. Then, when Ishimori is tagged in alongside Liger and I fear this match will devolve into the most tired exchange of highspots, the veteran quickly rolls up the newcomer and scores a quick pinfall that leaves the bad guys steaming as they’re dragged away by young boys. Korakuen can’t get enough of it and neither can I. I’m not sure that I can quite call it surprising, as I really like three of these four guys already, but I was really taken aback by how charming this match was. Give it a glance if you’ve got the time, because I doubt it’ll disappoint.

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