Lord Steven Regal vs Eddie Guerrero – WCW Nitro (01/08/1996)

Lord Steven Regal vs Eddie Guerrero


North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, South Carolina, United States

(reviewed 05/26/2019) The dirtiest of my wrestling secrets is that I’m not all that into Eddie Guerrero. The guy’s great when he’s great, undoubtedly, but on a match to match basis I really struggle to care about who he is and what he does. I like how Regal makes me care here, though. He’s got a significant size advantage on Eddie and that naturally becomes the focus of this story, as he cuts the smaller man down in all sorts of mean ways on top of stooging for his big comebacks. So much of what WCW is about around this time makes me want to tune out (Bischoff and Mongo harping on and on about how WWF is raising PPV prices is the least appealing thing in the world) but the little things Regal does keeps me going, makes me want to see him get his ass beat. It doesn’t always make for a classic match but if I tune in every week to watch this guy smack somebody in the nose that’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

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