Lord Steven Regal vs The Belfast Bruiser – WCW Nitro (04/29/1996)

Lord Steven Regal vs The Belfast Bruiser

Parking Lot Brawl

taped 04/22/1996, aired 04/29/1996

Albany Civic Center, Albany, Georgia, United States

(reviewed 05/26/2019) Kinda awesome and kinda bad. This is one of those gimmicks where they’re fighting in a fenced-off area between a group of beat-up cars, which allows for some great stuntwork…

…but less of what makes these guys great. Fighting on concrete and Kias prevents these guys from bumping around and forces them to rely more on goofy gimmick-specific offense. You still get plenty of mean little jabs, sure, as well as either man getting his head slammed into a window but there’s less of that and more comically flipping over the side of a truck bed or swinging around a flimsy bumper. While these guys are great fighters they’re not exactly great hardcore wrestlers, something that requires a related but distinctly different set of skills. Sticking them into a situation where they don’t totally belong undermines the skills they do have. Certainly doesn’t help that Eric Bischoff is insufferable on commentary, freaking out about something as simple as a backdrop onto a car hood to the point that I want to gag. Real bummed about how this one turned out.

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