Eddie Kingston vs Chris Hero – PWG All Star Weekend 6 Day 2

Eddie Kingston vs Chris Hero


Van Nuys Armory, Van Nuys, California, United States

(reviewed 05/23/2019) This is awesome for as long as it lasts, just an absolute war. Some of the best chops these guys have ever hit, some of the best headbutts, some of the best selling, etc. It’s somehow even more straightforward than the LLT match and these guys have only improved as strikers since then, on top of this being a bit more of an intimate venue and these cameras being closer, making everything sound way nastier. Sadly about ten minutes in Hero tweaks his knee on something. He works around it pretty well but really fucks it up going for a signature move (sliding dropkick through the ropes to the floor) thanks to the infamously loose PWG bottom rope. It’s bad enough that he can barely stand, so while the initial tweak took the wind out of the sails of this match this second spot grinds things to a halt. They take it home almost immediately, with Kingston connecting with a clothesline back in the ring before a second attempt finds him on the wrong end of a rollup. Real shame but man, the first part of this match is so, so, so good. Good enough, in fact…

HOW DOES THIS COMPARE TO SHAWN VS TAKER FROM WM25: …that it might be better than Shawn/Taker. Like Shawn/Taker obviously makes it through a scary botch itself and builds to a big ol’ finishing run, but none of it has me gasping and yelping like the strikes in this match do. Even if these guys are robbed of a real conclusion, the work they do in getting there is enough to push it through.

VERDICT: Slightly better than Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker from WrestleMania 25

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