Finlay & William Regal vs Matt Hardy & Gunner Scott – WWE Smackdown (06/16/2006)

Finlay & William Regal vs Matt Hardy & Gunner Scott

taped 06/13/2006, aired 06/16/2006

Sovereign Bank Arena, Trenton, New Jersey, United States

(reviewed 05/27/2019) Chances are if you know who Gunner Scott is you don’t like him. If you know him as ROH’s Brent Albright you might have some fondness but the odds are still slim. He’s a bad wrestler, all in all. Could Finlay, Regal, and Hardy—great wrestlers all—carry him here? Oh gosh no. No no no no. Were they able to have a good match around him? Yes.

This effect is achieved by keeping Scott out of the match for the most part and beating the snot out of him when he steps between the ropes. Finlay and Regal are as tough a duo as there is, so they do well to overwhelm the broomstick. When Matt tries to even things up he falls victim to some trickery from Finlay and his Little Bastard, after which time he is isolated. Somewhere along the line Matt gets his mouth busted open real good and the vets do everything they can to keep the blood flowing. It’s delightful stuff, as is Finlay’s gnarly post shot that leads to Scott’s hot tag. Said hot tag is rather unimpressive but thankfully it doesn’t last long, as he gets brained by a shillelagh shot behind the ref’s back. Lots of great striking and bumping and selling from the three greats here and lots of standing on the apron from Scott.

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