Mocho Cota vs Americo Rocca – EMLL (02/03/1984)

Mocho Cota (c) vs Americo Rocca

Two out of Three Falls Match for the NWA World Welterweight Championship


Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

(reviewed 05/14/2019) Mocho Cota continues to be my favorite thing. The way he stares daggers at Rocca any time the challenger gets the slightest advantage is the best thing. As far as the action’s concerned I think this is way better than the initial title switch. It’s as if these guys are trying to impress me, what with how they’re constantly pulling out little reversals and variations of holds that I’ve never seen. Rocca pulls out ahead with a big flurry that culminates with a wonderfully gorgeous victory roll.

Cota, real surly about dropping the primera and about Rocca fucking up his neck, comes back with a vengeance. He goes after Rocca’s back and unloads a few of the Guerrero family’s favorite moves to tie things up. Tercera is mad short, as a few pin attempts back and forth end with Cota pulling Rocca’s shoulders down on an European Clutch attempt that finds both men pinned for the three count. Being that Cota’s the champ already, a tie ensures that he retains the title.

HOW DOES THIS COMPARE TO SHAWN VS TAKER FROM WM25: Even though this doesn’t give me the payoff promised in the first match between these two, I prefer this match to the first. It’s even more colorful and flashy than the first match was thanks to its abnormally good primera. Since the initial title switch was barely better than Shawn/Taker…

VERDICT: Better than Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker from WrestleMania 25

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