Sangre Chicana vs Villano III – EMLL (11/18/1983)

Sangre Chicana vs Villano III


Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

(reviewed 05/10/2019) Decided I needed to see more Sangre Chicana after watching his canonical best match but this has me worried that it might be a pretty dull process. The first two falls of this match are virtually identical to what he did with MS-1 back at the anniversary show: get beat down and bloodied in the primera caida, come back with the left hook + tope suicida combo to win the segunda by count out. It’s a fun formula but seeing it so brazenly rehashed is a bummer, especially when it was so vivid and electric the first time around. This match—which ends with Chicana quickly unmasking Villano in the third fall to lose by DQ—ain’t bad but it doesn’t feel distinct in any meaningful way, whether in the overall approach or in the individual performances. Hope that isn’t a portent of things to come.

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