BLKOUT vs The Kings of Wrestling & Super Dragon – CZW An Afternoon of Main Events

BLKOUT (Eddie Kingston, Ruckus, & Sabian) vs The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) & Super Dragon


New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

(reviewed 05/19/2019) Unlike last month’s tame tag match this is a big ol’ brawl, stemming from the Bryan Danielson/Chris Hero confrontation before this that blew up into ROH guys hopping the rail and being driven off by the CZW locker room. The Kings and Super Dragon stand tall in the ring once the action settles down but BLKOUT jump them and things go from there. There’s not even a ref present for a few minutes but it’s not like these guys are going for pinfalls right away, instead it’s just a bunch of mean shots anywhere they can take ‘em. Hero and Claudio do a bunch of decidedly not-brawl-oriented stuff like cravates and monkey flips and that’s real fun, but notably Hero’s a lot more direct and confrontational here than he’s ever been before against Kingston. On commentary Eric Gargiulo notes how weird it is that people cheer for him when he’s standing up to the ROH guys one minute but boo him when he’s facing BLKOUT the next. Keep that in mind for later. Eventually the action starts spilling in the ring and this becomes more of a tornado tag. The Kings do their usual offense but go for low blows and dirty shots when they can, which along with Super Dragon’s usual approach makes them standing up to BLKOUT in a brawl make more sense. Sabian connects with a hell of a double stomp (in a pair of Timbs!) to score the win.

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