WALTER vs Lucky Kid – wXw 16 Carat Gold 2019 Day 3

WALTER vs Lucky Kid

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2019 Finals


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

(reviewed 03/22/2019) This is a pretty solid match and a great end to this tournament. After opening strong with a good rematch against Thatcher, Kid has sort of eased up and shown less and less of the no-nonsense explosiveness that got him past the first round. Likewise WALTER’s heel turn peaked early and led to his semi-final match with Avalanche being real uninteresting. Here both these guys get back on track and wrap up the tournament’s narrative in a fun, self-referential way that doesn’t feel cheap the way other matches over this weekend did. Lucky stays serious and brings the heat, overwhelming WALTER with head strikes even if he might not necessarily know how effective they are against the big man. WALTER picks at Lucky’s elbow injury and reuses some moves that brought him great success earlier in the tournament, only to have them turned back against him. It takes a while for these two to click together and the finishing stretch never hits that next level the way you’d want it to, but when so many other big matches in wrestling are getting in their own way this one plays it straight and benefits greatly from it. Considering that this reads like an utter disaster to me on paper, I take that as a real accomplishment.

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