PACO vs Eddie Kingston – Glory Pro Anniversary Show – Phoenix Rising

PACO vs Eddie Kingston

Two out of Three Falls Match


Columbus Plaza, Collinsville, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 03/19/2019) Much better than their last match. PACO comes into this one hot, rushing Kingston as he makes his entrance before hitting a dive and a beauty of a yoshi tonic to score a quick fall. It lights a fire under Kingston’s ass and he spends the next few minutes repaying PACO for his crimes of insolence. Despite his anger and explosiveness, King can’t pin the man down until he gets slippery and pulls out a Gedo clutch that in turn pisses PACO off. From there PACO goes after Kingston’s leg in a big, aggressive way, drawing the ire of the crowd and facilitating a double turn. It doesn’t make me suddenly care about the guy and doesn’t make his in-ring execution better than it is, but it’s the sort of edge that I’ve always found lacking in PACO’s work. Certainly helps that it’s also a medium for Kingston’s great selling, which we get plenty of here. By the end the good people of Collinsville are firmly behind Kingston’s fiery comeback, which is a little heavier on the no-sells than I’d like but gets the job done before things fly off the rails entirely.

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