Fenix vs WALTER – wXw 16 Carat Gold 2019 Day 2

Fenix vs WALTER

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2019 Quarter-Finals


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

(reviewed 03/21/2019) Hugely fun, probably the most fun-filled WALTER match in years. Having turned pretty firmly heel the night before, WALTER approaches this match with a refreshing level of malice that pairs well with a guy like Fenix. So often I feel that Fenix’s flashiness and underdog approach are lacking in any real substance but here WALTER’s stylistic bluntness and complete willingness to eat people alive pares the masked man’s antics down to their most potent parts. When the coward is batting him out of the air and powerbombing him so hard his mask flies off, it’s hard not to get behind the guy. The combination of simple powerhouse offense, boneheaded spottiness, and douchey heeling straight out of Naucalpan blends together in a delightful way that doesn’t take itself serious enough to get in trouble but doesn’t become too cavalier to be enjoyable. If you see one thing from the 16 Carat tournament, make it this.

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