Sonico vs Daniel Makabe – 3-2-1 BATTLE! Dark Side of the Moonsault

Sonico vs Daniel Makabe

G0! Tournament Block A Match


The Battle Palace, Seattle, Washington, United States

(reviewed 12/31/2018) Lovely little banger from what is quietly one of the best matchups in 3-2-1. Already two points behind his opponent in this short round robin tournament, Makabe kicks things off hot with a wild tope suicida that wrecks Sonico’s shoulder. From there both men sprint toward the finish line, doing everything they can to end this early. Mostly that results in either man worming their way into holds (Makabe exploiting Sonico’s bum arm, Sonico desperately going after Makabe’s knee to make up for lost time) but there are also just a bunch of mean, crisp cutoffs here, principally in the way of great strikes. Topping it all off we have a fun finish wherein Makabe, having just connected with a clutch baseball punch, can’t quite apply the Fujiwara armbar the way he needs to. Thinking quickly, he wraps his wrist tape around Sonico’s free hand and pulls back on that in a rudimentary chicken wing in order to get the submission he needs. Clever and quick. Everything you want out of a sprint.

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