Trevor Lee vs Darby Allin – PWG Smokey and the Bandido

Trevor Lee vs Darby Allin


Globe Theatre, Los Angeles, California, United States

(reviewed 12/21/2018) This is lots of fun, sort of like a lesser version of that great Darby/WALTER match from EVOLVE. Usually when I describe something as lesser it’s a comment on the quality of the thing, and while this does dip into some needlessly silly territory I’m mostly just speaking to the scope of this match. Some would argue that Trevor’s the poster boy for wanton excess in wrestling today but being one of the best ring generals in the world means that he can patch together a tight opener with anyone. Using a familiar formula he’s able to snuff out Darby’s fire in compelling ways while giving the kid opportunities to explode, resulting in some of the best cutoffs and comebacks I’ve ever seen in a Darby match as well as a brief cameo by the handwork that helped make that WALTER match so enjoyable. Unfortunately some nonsensical rule-breaking drags this down towards the worst that the face-painted spot monkey relishes in but they have the good sense to not let that go on long, as the man who doesn’t have his hands bound behind his back is able to quickly score a pinfall. Too many of Trevor’s matches outside of CWF lean closer to these duct tape antics than the great control segments and that stinks, because man alive are these straightforward control segments fun.

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