Slim J vs Corey Hollis – Anarchy Wrestling (05/12/2018)

Slim J vs Corey Hollis

Dog Collar Match


Landmark Arena, Cornelia, Georgia, United States

(reviewed 11/28/2018) Wooo, violence! I love me a dog collar match and this has to be the best one I’ve seen in years. Hollis’ heel turn back in 2017 has resulted in undoubtedly the most consistently great villainy in wrestling today and he shows off a lot of those chops here, doing everything in his power to scurry away from Slim J before taking every cheap shot and shortcut that presents itself. It’d be really easy to write off Slim J as just another trashy highflyer, especially with the look/gimmick he’s been running with for the better part of two decades now, but he’s surprisingly endearing as the vengeful babyface here and ensures that this isn’t gonna be a one man show. More than just playing their roles well these guys lean heavily into the stipulation of this match and all that it entails, whether that means blood, inventive chain work, or some legitimately mean bumps. If you want to sell the idea of this kind of match it has to be a rough and tumble thing where people are getting at least mildly fucked up. Thankfully that’s just what we get. In particular Slim J is great at getting whipped around or hanging from his neck in a way that makes even a hardened deathmatch fan like me squeal and squirm. This ain’t for the faint of heart or for people who don’t want their wrestling to feel like a fight, but if you can stomach it I think this is a hell of a match.

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