John Silver vs Kris Stadtlander – Beyond Wrestling Please Come Back

John Silver vs Kris Stadtlander


Electric Haze, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

WATCH: YouTube

(reviewed 11/30/2018) Solid sprint. Stadtlander’s a Create-a-Pro trainee with a bit over a year of experience under her belt, running with an alien invader sort of gimmick. It’s hard to tell with someone as small as Silver but she seems to be bigger than your average American women’s wrestler and in any case she combines the usual gymnastics with a rarer level of physicality that blends together quite nicely, especially with her opponent here. Silver doesn’t take kindly to this rookie stepping on his turf and tries to blast her out of the skies with his usual rounds of speedy kickboxing. Quickly he finds that Stadtlander can match him pretty well blow for blow if he eases up at all, resulting in what is a deceptively nuanced underdog dynamic wherein the alien isn’t all that far behind the Beyond regular. They throw everything they’ve got at each other without dipping into absurdity, keeping this fun and fresh all the way through the requisite rollup finish. Beyond’s got this free on YouTube and I think it’s well worth 12 minutes of your time.

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