Low Ki vs Rey Fenix – MLW Fusion Episode 24

Low Ki (c) vs Rey Fenix

MLW World Heavyweight Championship

taped 09/06/2018, aired 09/28/2018

War Memorial Auditorium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

WATCH: YouTube

(reviewed 12/01/2018) This is solid. Not the high end MOTYC I was promised but not bad either. Despite being a 15, 16 minute match between two of the most athletic guys in wrestling history this somehow manages to have dull stretches, lacking the sort of careful editing a Fenix/Muertes match would have had or the non-stop energy of a younger Low Ki. Unsurprisingly there’s also some contrived silliness on both ends of this thing, with Fenix’s springboard shenanigans and the eventual mask-pulling finish being either too cute or too clunky for their own good. Still, despite all that this is still one of the best ass-kickers in wrestling kicking the ass of a fairly great flyer, delivering some great strikes, great dives, and some blood to boot. Hardly the worst use of your time.

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