Dr. Cerebro vs Ricky Marvin – IWRG (03/25/2018)

Dr. Cerebro vs Ricky Marvin

Lucha de Apuestas


Arena Naucalpan, Naucalpan, Mexico

WATCH: thecubsfan or LuchaTV

(reviewed 11/27/2018) Hooray, another disappointing apuestas match in 2018! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take any glee in this match falling short, because I really wanted to like this one. Enjoyed most of what this match had to offer, in fact. As with their second meeting this one manages to start hot and stay pretty feisty the whole way through. That results in a lot of great brawling on the floor, stuff that isn’t quite as gruesome as the best apuestas matches but still real enjoyable. Likewise Marvin continues to go after his opponent’s knee and Cerebro earns his revenge by attacking the man’s arm. A lot of that is quality work, especially on Cerebro’s end, but it’s also where this match starts to fall apart in a big way. Marvin dips into a good amount of shout selling once his arm comes into play. While it’s not atrocious by itself it’s certainly annoying and only draws attention to awful subsequent tropes. Chief among these are goofy spots Marvin again employs, whether it’s the “toss opponent’s leg to the referee, do a move” spots I chuckled at ten years ago in CZW or more recent innovations like the rope-hung seesaw piledriver towards the end of the match. Again, by themselves these moments wouldn’t be match-ruining but combined with other underwhelming efforts it weighs on me a lot. Worst of all this match fails to build towards its finish in any real way. The first two falls do well to keep things exciting and raise the stakes a bit each time, but by the time we get to the third fall things have flatlined to the point that the only blips on the readout are these indieriffic moves the lucha Twitter community would (rightfully) rip any non-luchador for. I come to lucha libre for drama and energy and a sense of struggle. Sadly this match forgot about any of those things about halfway through and never recovered.

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