Tracy Williams vs WALTER – EVOLVE 103

Tracy Williams vs WALTER


Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center, Kenner, Louisiana, United States

(reviewed 11/09/2018) Hot Sauce isn’t a guy who leaps off the page the way a lot of WALTER’s usual rivals do but I think Tracy combines the best efforts of guys like ZSJ and Starr in this tight little match. He’s real lithe and slippery like Zack but manages to make his technical efforts feel so much more grounded, even if he’s slinking around on an upright ogre’s back the same way the Brit does. Tracy also hits harder than you’d imagine just by looking at the guy, the same way that Starr does. Together this dynamic results in a fun slobberknocker in the traditional WALTER fashion with a little more variety than usual from his opponent. This late into the big guy’s dominant run across the indie scene that sort of variety helps a lot.

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