Wheeler YUTA vs Homicide – NOVA Pro American Slang ‘18

Wheeler YUTA vs Homicide


Jewish Community Center, Fairfax, Virginia, United States

(reviewed 10/08/2018) Awesome, in that it’s a Homicide match. The veteran does his thing, chewing the scenery as he takes all sorts of cheap shots at this kid who embarrassed him last month. The kid, in turn, is also real good here. YUTA’s exhibited enough fire in various promotions this year to catch my eye but he’s rarely ever as consistent in his in-ring execution as I’d like him to be. Here, in part because Homicide’s smothering him so much, he’s real focused and effective and it makes this match way, way better than their unfocused Commonwealth Cup effort. I’m a little miffed that the bad guy comes out on top in the end but I’ll never balk at the opportunity to hear “The Truth” twice in one night and in any case we still get 13 minutes of one of the most charismatic vets in the world grinding away on one of the better young guys in America today. You might not be so enamored as I am by these two men but if you’ve taken the time to read this review through, you really oughta give this match a go.

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