Jordynne Grace vs David Starr – NOVA Pro American Slang ‘18

Jordynne Grace vs David Starr


Jewish Community Center, Fairfax, Virginia, United States

(reviewed 10/08/2018) Really good! I like Jordynne a lot and think she’s easily one of the best wrestlers in the world on any given day but due to where/who she works she often isn’t able to put together matches that have a lot of depth to them. Here, with another top level opponent, she’s able to tell more of a story by being somewhat tailor-made to take on David Starr. Starr’s a speedy little guy with surprising strength and a lot of technical know-how, but with Grace he finds an opponent who is just as fast, probably way stronger, and about as capable on the mat. Whenever Starr tries to build the head of steam he needs to pull out most victories, Grace shuts him down with her exceptional athleticism, resulting in a bunch of cool counters that are made all the better by the fundamentals and selling that these two excel at. It might not leap off the page to people used to 40 minute finisher fests but it’s plenty good for people who pay attention.

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