LA Park vs Rey Fenix – The Crash (04/14/2018)

LA Park vs Rey Fenix


Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico

Watch: VL300 or Lucha Libre de Tijuana 

(reviewed 09/13/2018) If you just glance at it real quick this would probably look like a match I’d love. Veteran rulebreaker with tons of personality beats up a young highflyer with a combination of physicality, brawling, and wacky lucha grappling. What’s not to love? Well, for one, I’m already predisposed to not liking Fenix. His indie-riffic approach is painfully banal to me and while he’s impressed me here and there over the years I don’t think he has the charisma to hang with a guy like Park. Park still moves fairly well for a guy of his age and size but Fenix’s style is mostly beyond his means and not all that interesting to begin with. The Park-led brawling sections of this are still fairly good since Fenix isn’t a stranger to that sort of work, but it’s hardly the best bit of floor fighting you’ll see from the veteran this year and I’m sure I could dig up a better brawl from Fenix too. In the end what I’m left with is a below average match full of stuff I either have no love for or have seen done far better this year elsewhere.

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