Corey Hollis vs Fred Yehi vs Joey Lynch vs Gary Jay – Scenic City Invitational 2018 Day 2

Corey Hollis vs Fred Yehi vs Joey Lynch vs Gary Jay

Elimination Match and Scenic City Invitational Tournament 2018 Finals


Soddy-Daisy High School, Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, United States

(reviewed 09/10/2018) Took me a long time to get around to reviewing this one, not because I think it’s a bad match or anything but because it’s the finals of a long weekend tournament. Everyone’s tired, everyone’s hurt, and everyone’s already wrestled today. Again, it doesn’t make this match bad, but it prevents this from being nearly as good as it could have been with these four guys. More than anything I like how it come down to these individuals. Hollis is the biggest heel in this tournament, maybe the biggest in SCI history since its first incarnation, and he’s doing everything he could to just waltz into the finals unscathed. Yehi’s one of the most unorthodox guys in the southern scene, a dude who should have been in this tournament years ago, and someone looking to get the ball rolling after leaving EVOLVE a few months back. Lynch is a hometown boy (Soddy-Daisy’s a bit outside of Chattanooga) and someone who came oh so close to winning last year. Finally, Jay is (somewhat surprisingly) the most popular guy in this tournament and probably the most banged up man in this match. Even if their efforts here are rather basic and not nearly so snappy as they might have been 24 hours before, I appreciate their individual dynamics and what they bring to a match like this, a light affair wherein the local hero finally makes good in spite of two capable opponents and an unruly brigand.

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