Jeff Cobb vs David Starr – IWC Super Indy 17

Jeff Cobb vs David Starr

Super Indy 17 First Round Match


Court Time Sports Center, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, United States

(reviewed 07/16/2018) Sort of a shockingly good match, not that either of these men are anything close to bad. What I mean is that this match comes together in a way I usually don’t see from these two. For one, it features what is easily the best heel promo I’ve ever heard from Starr, where he glowingly talks about how IWC has been trying to book him for Super Indy for years but switching it around and saying he’s above all that now that he’s an international star. More than that, though, this is probably my favorite Jeff Cobb match ever, or at least my favorite one that isn’t a short form shoot-oriented thing with one of my all-time favs. I wouldn’t even say that he’s doing anything particularly new or different here, either, just that his strength-based and grappling-based work in this match hits closer to my ideals than in any other match I’ve seen from the guy. He’s notably missing his usual gear here due to a lost luggage situation, instead rocking a tight pair of black hotpants while barefoot, so maybe it’s just that I’m a sucker for naked torsos and feet????? C’mon Jeff, lemme see them titties and gams. On top of that I just think these guys are real good at playing to the other’s strengths. Starr’s bumping is on peak form here and makes Cobb look like a monster while Cobb’s comedic timing clicks super well with a few moments of Starr mouthing off. Great stuff all around, right down to a finishing stretch that features a number of big kickouts but never feels overblown, unlike a number of other first round matches on this show.

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