Timothy Thatcher vs Toni Storm – Beyond Wrestling/WWR Lit Up

Timothy Thatcher vs Toni Storm


Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center, Kenner, Louisiana, United States

(reviewed 05/14/2018) Glad to see this sort of match from these two. While this doesn’t quite equal Thatcher’s classic intergender match, I love to see the guy dismantle a smaller opponent in a scientific way and we get a lot of that here despite a meager eight minute run time. Opposite him we have Storm, who doesn’t get to show off her sympathetic side a ton these days being that she’s one of the mostly strongly-booked women on the worldwide indie scene, selling her ass off for one of the most focused opponents she’s ever faced. Whenever she’s able to make a break against this huge Californian it feels like a huge deal and her eventual upset win by way of an armbar doesn’t feel fluky at all because she had to fight so hard for it. Doubt this is going to knock anyone’s socks off but I had faith that this would be a solid match and it proved me right in the end.

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