CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide #142

taped 01/13/2018, aired 01/31/2018

Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium, Gibsonville, North Carolina, United States


(reviewed 02/26/2018)

Backstage William L. Cross is gazing at an older version of the Mid-Atlantic title and he tells us that Coach Gemini and the All Stars have trampled all over the legacy of that belt. He announces a $100 per day fine on the All Stars until they return the new CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.

Mace Li & Otto Schwanz vs Nick Richards & Michael McAllister

I feel like I either missed why exactly Richards, McAllister, and William L. Cross are all aligned now or maybe it just hasn’t been fully explained yet. In any case, the commentary really leans into the idea of the two guys in the ring looking for redemption after a frustrating few months and that’s how this whole match is worked. The faces can dominate Li well enough when they want to, but when the small man is able to tag out to the much larger Otto it gives them the ability to isolate either of their opponents and wear them down. It’s sort of aimless and more than a little awkward, but I actually quite like it as a struggle of two mid-level guys I’m not fond of really cutting their teeth and fighting their way up the mountain. It’s far from either man’s flashiest match but it might be my favorite Richards or McAllister match yet, at least from my limited viewing. Eventually the two of them get a big head of steam going, sending Otto crashing over the ropes to the floor before combining their efforts for a wheelbarrow cutter on Li for the win.

Richards grabs the mic afterward and says despite wanting to feel happy about that victory, he and McAllister needed it more than they wanted it. He goes on to say that while the back half of 2017 was real bad for the two of them, that ends in 2018. Cross runs down Richards’ doubt and McAllister’s temper and states that he’s not actually a coach or a manager but he’s here to help these two young men. He announces that they’re both entered into the Kernodle Brothers tag team tournament in April.

Snooty Foxx vs Dave Dawson

These motherfuckers keep changing how Snooty’s name is spelled and it is profoundly unhelpful. This is a real basic heavyweight match, which is helped by the fact that you have one of the better faces and one of the better heels in CWF in there, but it’s far from the best outing from either man. Thankfully we still get some quality strikes (some early chops from Snooty, a late elbow from Dawson) before Dawson distracts the referee and low blows his opponent for the cheap victory.

Dawson continues to put the beating on Snooty after the match, eventually looking to smash the CWF tag title over his head, but Snooty gets a boot up to knock him backwards and Aaron Biggs bursts out of the back to flatten the champ with a standing splash. He says he’s coming for them belts and helps his friend to his feet. Sheeeeit, I really want a Biggs/Snooty team.

The All Stars are out for the main event and Royal says a million hilarious things en route to finding out that his random draw opponent tonight is… El Dandy? God, if only. He ain’t here so they pick another name, who ends up being… Gillberg. He’s likewise absent so they pick a third name, which is… “The Hurricane” Shane Helms!

Arik Royal (c) vs “The Hurricane” Shane Helms

CWF Mid-Atlantic Television Championship

Your standard “local heel vs ex-WWE guy” match. Helms has plenty of skill and confounds Royal early on, but once a bit of interference from the Coach and Jarry Caray distracts him he’s not able to stand up to the momentum that Royal gets, especially with the champ being younger, bigger, and faster. He’s able to make a comeback and survive a Space Jam, but when the Coach tries to get involved once again it distracts the ref long enough for Mace Li to whack Helms with the batting helmet. It looks like its curtains for the veteran but he avoids Royal’s pounce and brings him down with a backslide for the win!

Crowd’s all about it, chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” when the Coach grabs the mic and starts screeching no, this can’t be happening. He asserts that Helms can’t be the TV champion since the champion has to remain with the company full-time to defend the title, but Helms states that as long as these people are here for him he’s going to stay and represent CWF Mid-Atlantic.

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