Josh Bodom vs Dan Magee – RPW Live at the Cockpit 26

Josh Bodom vs Dan Magee


The Cockpit, Marylebone, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 03/02/2018) Threw this on while I was working on some tortellini and waiting around for the Starr vs Speedball match later on in this show and what do you know this match is pretty nifty itself. Magee makes his entrance second and goes up on the ropes to rally the crowd, which allows Bodom to run over and shove him down to the floor and stairs below in a fairly scary fall to kick things off. Bodom (along with his partner Zack Gibson) has been butting heads with RevPro’s various youngsters for a bit now and while he can usually dominate them fairly easily, Magee’s much bigger than his fellow contenders and actually a bit bigger than Bodom himself, so he can more than hold is own against the former British Cruiserweight Champion. Magee’s still a work in progress and attempts some things that either don’t connect all that well or simply are silly moves, but when he’s just using his size in clotheslines and the like this is a really fun match. They go REALLY off the rails (especially for a midcard Cockpit match) with a middle rope Canadian Destroyer but it’s not enough to put Bodom away, as he rallies with a sloppy German suplex into the corner followed by a coast to coast and his signature teeter totter piledriver for the win. This is for sure a dumb match but I liked the potential I saw from Magee. Hope he doesn’t continue to follow in the vein of some of his silliest near falls.

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