Will Ospreay vs Wild Boar – ATTACK! Dear Maria, Tag Me In

Will Ospreay vs Wild Boar


Cathays Youth & Community Centre, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

(reviewed 01/31/2018) A match that is annoying in a million little ways for one obvious reason, but if you’re going to ever do a Will Ospreay match you might as well do it like this. The dude’s various flavors of insufferable here through his selling and general theatricality but it’s so, so, so much fun to watch a furry little cannonball like Boar squash him repeatedly, most notably with maybe the zaniest version of my favorite piledriver variation yet. What’s more, Ospreay’s strikes have been getting better and better over the years, to the point that even if he’s doing all sorts of goofy shit around them the kicks and elbows he does here are pretty fucking great by modern standards, allowing him to match the mini-hoss he’s facing for physicality. This goes 18 minutes and feels like half the time, which is certainly an accomplishment for an Ospreay match and ESPECIALLY in the UK. In general I think if you’re looking for recent quality stuff from the divisive young man, you can’t get a whole lot better than this match here.

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