Jonathan Gresham vs Joey Lynch – Powerbomb.TV Futures

Jonathan Gresham vs Joey Lynch

Independent Wrestling Championship Tournament Finals for the Independent Wrestling Championship (vacant)


GSW Arena, Old Forge, Pennsylvania, United States

(reviewed 12/03/2017) Sort of a mixed match for me. This is a relatively long match (23 minutes) that feels longer due to the content (lots of grappling and limbwork from Gresham), which makes it sound like something right up my alley. And truthfully, it is. There’s a lot for me to love here, lots of crisp, effective technical work, torquing limbs all over the place in ways that make me squirm, lots of good selling from Lynch (who I don’t usually see a lot of selling from), etc etc. What’s more, Gresham gets pretty gruesome by the end in his attempts to win this title, smashing his fist into Lynch’s ear as he’s got a octopus hold on, which is wonderful to see. But this is a pretty slow-moving match in front of a rather small crowd that isn’t 100% into this match, which hurts. Moreover, there are attempts here to liven things up with spottier, more exciting moments that really miss the mark with me and feel like hammy, unnatural inclusions that are meant to make the match more dramatic and appealing but don’t actually do that. Some of it works, like Stokely Hathaway yelling at Matt Lynch to throw the towel in for his brother, but the actual in-ring portions of such dramatic moments are very unappealing to me, the sorts of things Gresham puts in his matches with people he’s not totally clicking with. While these moments are few and far between, they do make their presence felt in such a methodical match and it leaves something of a bad taste even if I’d say that I like this match overall.

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