John Skyler vs Timothy Thatcher – PWX This Is How We Do It

John Skyler vs Timothy Thatcher


Escapade VIP, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

(reviewed 11/17/2017) Great stuff here. As talented as Skyler is on the mat he’s no Timothy Thatcher, so the Carolina boy gets swamped for the first half of this match until he starts to play a little dirty, employing bites to the head and uppercuts to the popliteal fossa in order to even things up a bit. This match goes to a time limit draw, which means we get a full 20 minutes (it’s actually a little over 21) of quality grappling from these two, real scrappy and methodical stuff. It’s not the best technical work I’ve seen this year and neither of these men have the sort of energy or intensity here to make the best use of a dramatic time limit draw, but it’s a fresh matchup between two guys I like a lot so I think it’s well worth watching all the same. After the match Skyler, who had Thatcher trapped in a sharpshooter when the bell ran, is begging for five more minutes. As the referee calls for the bell to restart things, Corey Hollis grabs the ring bell and berates Skyler as he steals away to the back, robbing his former partner of a definitive outcome here.

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