Timothy Thatcher vs David Starr – RPW Monday Night Mayhem

Timothy Thatcher vs David Starr


Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 11/09/2017) Love these boys, love their matches together. Starr’s recently turned heel in RevPro (illustrated here by a pretty cheesy pre-match promo, easily the worst talking I’ve seen from someone who’s usually as eloquent as Starr), which adds to the fact that he’s outclassed on the mat by Thatcher and has to squirrel his way out of bad situations. Talented as he is, Thatcher falls prey to shady tactics like hotshots and eye rakes, which opens him up for Starr’s considerable grappling ability. It’s real basic stuff but even basic stuff from guys like this is fun to watch, especially when it’s aided by the goofiness of Starr’s heel work. He wins the match by rolling backward in Thatcher’s sleeper to trap his shoulders to the mat, rolling all the way over so he’s got his feet draped on the top rope as the referee counts the pin. Delightful chicanery. Hardly the best match these two have had but one that’s still well worth your time.


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