David Starr vs Jay Lethal – WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup – USA Qualifying Round

David Starr vs Jay Lethal

Pro Wrestling World Cup USA Block Finals


Bowlers Exhibition Cenre, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 11/05/2017) Both men come into this one banged up, with Lethal favoring his neck after his previous match against Moose and Starr sporting a bum leg after his bout with Bobby Fish. The veteran is the first to exploit these injuries, going after Starr’s knee, and that proves to be the crux of the match for the most part. It’s not especially thrilling but it’s technically sound and pretty extensive, with a level of care you just don’t see with lots of limb work these days, even with these guys. Little things like Lethal stepping on Starr’s knee and then grabbing at his free leg before Starr’s able to kick him with it go a long way here. Neither man’s really putting their all into this match and a spacey venue don’t help in that regard, but mostly this is enjoyable. The match isn’t explicitly shot for Loaded (and Loaded’s barely wrestling TV as it is), but this strikes me as a neat little TV main event and if you’re willing to sit through a B+ TV main event between these two, you might as well give this a go.


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