Rampage Brown vs Primate – WCPW True Destiny

Rampage Brown vs Primate

I Quit Match and Best of Seven Series Match #5


Planet Ice, Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/28/2017) Was happy to see these two matched up in a series of gimmick matches this year, as I’m quietly a big fan of Rampage and liked what I saw from “Primate” Jason Prime back in FutureShock. Their first match that I saw was a “boiler room brawl” back in January that I was real let down by, as it was more of a brawl through a whole office building that lacked the sort of grit and fire that I want in a match like that. This, though, is more focused but also sort of more wild in the sense that these two thick motherfuckers are swinging from their heels and grasping at whatever’s at hand to beat the other with and it’s great fun. A lack of the goofy microphone-in-face “do you quit?” “NOOOOOO” exchanges helps a lot too, but the real meat and potatoes of this match being quality hardcore bullshit from two guys who excel at hitting people hard, with or without weapons, is all that I need to heartily recommend this match.


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