The New Nation vs Cyanide & Damon Leigh – FutureShock Uproar #92

The New Nation (Jason Prime & Alexander Henry) vs Cyanide & Damon Leigh


Masonic Guild Hall, Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/26/2017) Competent and entertaining tag match here, the sort of thing that really helps to put me in a good mood early on in my introduction to FutureShock. Damon Leigh’s the real highlight of this one, this tall, tattooed, bald man who physically looks intimidating but emotionally is insecure and hotheaded, the sort of combination that makes for a lovely stooging heel. He’s partnered with a big 400 pounder in Cyanide, who does his part as the muscle of the team. Their opponents are Prime and Henry, two intense, athletic guys with a bit of size who remind me of a smaller War Machine in some ways. They’re perfectly capable as the faces here, with Henry getting worked over for much of the match before Prime tags in and cleans house in quick fashion. There’s nothing new here, this being a real textbook tag match, but it’s sort of nice sometimes to have something that just follows the rules and doesn’t try to entertain through dance sequences and in-jokes and highspots that don’t impress anymore on their 80th go around. Sadly the heel team is managed by a man sporting a 90s windbreaker and a MAGA hat, so that sullies things a bit, but all in all I quite enjoyed this match.


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