Gabriel Kidd vs Zack Sabre Jr – WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup – Canadian Qualifying Round

Gabriel Kidd (c) vs Zack Sabre Jr

WCPW Internet Championship

taped 05/14/2017, aired 05/26/2017

Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


(reviewed 11/02/2017) The second match in this trilogy and a significant step up from the first. While it’s only been four months, Kidd’s improved dramatically since the last time he faced ZSJ, picking up the WCPW Internet title in the process. He hangs with his opponent through the introductory chaining better than he has before, even going so far as putting the hurt on Zack. Of course this just pisses off the proud Swampie, who turns things around and lays it into his young opponent. Most of this comes in the form of dozens of uppercuts but also the usual bevy of kicks and occasional holds you find in most ZSJ matches. Kidd fights through it all, even taunting Zack at some points, getting in his own shots when he can. Sort of a one note match and also more in line with their previous bout than I’d like, but that one note is a good one and I don’t mind hearing it ring in my ears for the duration of this speedy match. By the end Kidd’s able to get a head of steam behind him and makes the same mistake as in his last match: going for his big moonsault. Zack again catches him in a triangle on the way down, much less fluidly than in their previous encounter, but Kidd’s able to survive it long enough to hoist the challenger up in the air and slam him down with a powerbomb to free himself. He attempts the moonsault again but it’s not enough to put Zack away, who responds with a few penalty kicks that likewise fail to find the victory. Zack keys up for another PK but Kidd collapses back down to the mat, unable to sit upright, and when his opponent stomps over to reposition him, Kidd slyly brings him down in a small package for the win. Fun fun fun little match here. Nothing off the wall great, nothing that’s going to have people clamoring for whatever the upper end of star ratings are these days, but an enjoyable match that shows progression both within a rivalry as well as a career, and a match that hopefully gets young Kidd on some radars. It’s up free on WCPW’s YouTube so you might as well give it a spin.


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