Gabriel Kidd vs Zack Gibson – WCPW Fight Back

Gabriel Kidd (c) vs Zack Gibson

WCPW Internet Championship

taped 06/02/2017, aired 06/03/2017

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 11/02/2017) Less than what I’d hoped for but still totally acceptable as a match. The thing about Gibson is that while he’s a great heel, my pick for the best in the business today, he needs someone who is flashy enough to pair well with his bare bones in-ring style or someone who is endearing enough to really make you buy into the beatdown and comeback. Kidd is not either of those things just yet, despite having flashes of being both. It’s not his fault, as he’s still quite green, but the end result is still a fair bit worse than what it reads like on paper. Still, it’s way above the average match I see in wrestling these days (especially in WCPW, Lord knows) and if you’re hungry for more good Kidd or Gibson wrasslin’, this ain’t the worst place to look.


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