Jimmy Havoc vs Mikey Whiplash – FCP Rise Against 2017

Jimmy Havoc vs Mikey Whiplash

British Rounds Match


Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/30/2017) Gave this a watch initially because I was like “oh, these are two guys who are not WoS sort of wrestlers, let’s see how they do in a rounds match”. They flip the script in typical FCP fashion, though, and run with a stip where they have to take shots of Jack Daniels between rounds (a rounds match, you get it? YOU GET IT?), which is fun. They keep things simple here with very basic grappling that it’s almost impossible to get wrong, so they don’t really expose themselves here and make sure to play to the raucous crowd to keep things light. Before the third round, the ring announcer/authority figure/whatever mentions that he forgot to say that this is also a No DQ match, leading to Havoc lowblowing Whiplash and winning his first fall in short order. Great lowblow selling from Whiplash afterward, probably the best “wrestling” in this match all in all. Whiplash makes a big comeback in round four but gets beat out by the bell before he’s able to make a pin. After the requisite shots and a wee bit of puking from Havoc, they kick off the final round by calling each other cunts repeatedly and trading a bunch of elbows. When Whiplash takes too long yelling at his opponent to connect with a steel chair, Havoc lowblows him again and finishes him off with a chair shot to win his second fall and the match. Very much an FCP match, very much a fook around match, but if that sounds appealing to you whatsoever, you should give this a watch.


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