Soner Dursun vs James Drake – FutureShock 13th Anniversary Supershow

Soner Dursun (c) vs James Drake

FutureShock Adrenaline Championship


The Longfield Suite, Prestwich, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

(revealed 10/27/2017) Liked this more than I thought I was going to, insofar as I usually am thoroughly unimpressed with Drake but enjoyed him here. Most of that comes from good basing for Dursun’s most intense highflying performance yet, which is really exciting and mostly good due to Drake as much as it is Dursun. Some of Drake’s heat, though, is… odd? Sloppy and convoluted (missing a weird-looking moonsault, landing on his feet, goading Dursun in to hit him in a much more trickster-oriented move than he’s ever done in all the matches I’ve seen him in) but more than a little of Dursun’s stuff here is also sloppy and convoluted so I can’t pretend like it’s just him. More than that, though, Drake’s heel performance is just inconsistent, doing weird things like randomly smiling at people in the crowd for a few seconds after missing his 450 and doing the big dramatic faces. It’s not enough to drag this match down significantly, but it’s just enough to stand out in a big way, especially compared to past heel performances in these Dursun matches. Still, the real wrestling of this match is quite a lot of fun and shows lots of progression for the young champion, which has been neat to see on these last few shows.

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