Soner Dursun vs Travis Banks – FutureShock Uproar 93

Soner Dursun (c) vs Travis Banks

FutureShock Adrenaline Championship


Masonic Guild Hall, Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/26/2017) Rematch of a solid match from back in January and one that does well to build off of that previous bout. Unwilling to get caught off guard like he did last time, Banks jumps Dursun before the bell with his great tope suicida, beating him down for a while before Dursun makes a brief comeback as soon as the match starts until Banks takes over again. This plays well to the strengths of these two men, as Banks has a surprising amount of firepower for a little guy and is naturally aggressive and on the other end Dursun’s quite enjoyable as a talented, fiery babyface who gets more than he gives but often manages to pull off the win in the end. They return to spots from their previous match and reverse them to illustrate familiarity and progression. They keep it fast and frenzied with some quality junior heavyweight wrasslin’. It depends on how much you tend to dig junior heavyweight quasi-spotfests as well as how much you’re turned off by goofy, dramatic facials (which, to be fair, are here to get Dursun over as a guy who can go to the limit with a guy who’s way out of his league), but I think this is a neat little piece of work that most anyone could enjoy.

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