Jordan Devlin vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey – OTT Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back in the Dr. Dre – Dublin

Jordan Devlin vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey


Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

(reviewed 10/28/2017) Gave this a watch because I’ve been told to watch more Devlin after being thoroughly unimpressed by his previous outings and I’m desperate for more Speedball in my life. This match is no great shakes but is certainly the best thing I’ve seen from Devlin as of yet. He plays it pretty simple here, bumping fairly well for his opponent, vaguely selling at points when he needs to, occasionally shining in a big heel moment going after Speedball’s leg. Most of his offense is fine, with the high point being his package piledriver finish and the low point being the several instances in which he tries to hang with Speedball as a striker and fails miserably. On top of weak Nagata-style elbows, he tries to match Speedball indie kick for indie kick, being laughably out of his element against a world class striker. It’s not just in a “heel overextends himself and is made to pay” moment, either, as there is more than one sequence in which they’re trading kicks like it’s RVD and Jerry Lynn in 1999 and Devlin just does not have what it takes to pull that sort of thing off. Still, despite these glaring moments of failure, he does mostly alright here and plays his role in a too-long Speedball style match that most modern indie fans would probably like.


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