Eddie Dennis vs Zack Gibson – RPW Live at the Cockpit 14

Eddie Dennis vs Zack Gibson


Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/30/2017) Real fun match mainly for seeing how Gibson adapts his heel shtick against a different sort of opponent. Dennis certainly isn’t someone he’s unfamiliar with, but he’s the sort of person that Gibson can’t bully due to his size. What’s more, Dennis is actually able to toy with him, repeatedly hitting Gibson in the groin both purposefully and inadvertently, and it’s a real joy to see the best heel in the world sell around for something as goofy as a nut shot. The real meat and potatoes of this match isn’t all that impressive, being mainly based around some elbow exchanges that are a little dry due to Dennis’ distinct lack of firepower and flair, but they’re cushioned by some of Dennis’ surprisingly good big man highflying and Gibson’s reliably good undersized-bruiser-against-larger-opponent offense. And all this comes in under nine minutes, which is a welcome downsize from Gibson’s previous outing in the Cockpit. Real enjoyable match that doesn’t waste anyone’s time. Would recommend this to just about any UK indie fan who hasn’t seen it.


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