Josh Bodom vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey – RPW Monday Night Mayhem

Josh Bodom (c) vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

RPW British Cruiserweight Championship


Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 11/09/2017) Unsurprisingly I quite liked this. Bodom’s struggles against other juniors are usually due to facing people who are too large and/or too experienced for him to bully, so with Speedball both being smaller and less experienced than past opponents he’s able to do what he wants here for the most part. Speedball’s a real explosive wrestler and usually doesn’t stay down for long, but he takes a lot of his tank by missing a moonsault knee drop on the apron. A dumb spot, but effective at changing the tide in a big way, allowing Bodom to take over. Speedball comes back from that a little quicker/easier than I’d like, but before he’s able to really get going Bodom stuffs him with a low blow and his teeter totter piledriver for the win. Good stuff. The usual sorts of problems you find in Speedball/juniors matches are all here, but if you can stomach that the core of this thing is some quality highspot wrestling.


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