Bird & Boar vs Sam Bailey & CJ Banks – ATTACK! Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Day 1

Bird & Boar (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) vs Sam Bailey & CJ Banks

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational First Round Match


Cathays Youth & Community Centre, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/28/2017) Easily the most “serious” match on this card so far and even then it gets pretty goofy by the end. I sort of love the team of Bird & Boar, with the latter being a guy I’ve known for years from the UK backyard scene and the former being someone I’ve fallen head over heels for in recent months. They’re great bruisers who are able to be effective smashmouth heels while also being more than a little comedic, doing things like coyly working their way into a spot where Bird bounces an opponent’s head off Boar’s boot as he’s pretending to stretch using the top turnbuckle. When they’re not busy drinking their tall boys and fookin’ around, Bailey and Banks are quite solid here as an intoxicated Ricky and Robert, respectively, with their alcoholic endeavors proving to be central to their eventual downfall. Before that we get a textbook tag match that is highlighted by a number of DELIGHTFUL moments of Bird and Banks hitting each other real hard and helped along by a very game crowd who is into it all the way through.


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