Travis Banks vs Mark Davis – WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup – Rest of the World Qualifying Round

Travis Banks vs Mark Davis

Pro Wrestling World Cup Rest of the World Block First Round Match


Northumbria University Students’ Union, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 11/05/2017) Quite a fun popcorn match here. From what I can gather on the internet this appears to be a first-time matchup, though with these two being relatively prominent names from one of the smallest circles in the wrestling world it stands to reason that they’d be familiar with each other. In any case, they go at it here with gusto and it makes for an enjoyable little spotfest. Davis, having arrived in the UK later than his Kiwi counterpart, is far less well-known than Banks and arguably less skilled, though he uses his size to his advantage here and takes control early on. Banks, a fiery little Davey Richards imposter, does not take kindly to being manhandled by this Aussie nobody and goes to town with his usual array of kicks and highflying. Basic-ass structure but these two put a lot of effort in and it works out for the most part. More ambitious ideas such as an errant Canadian Destroyer are certainly annoying, but I’ll take the downsides of this match over most any Will Ospreay match I’ve seen this year. If you’re watching WCPW for some godforsaken reason, give this match a shot.


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