Masashi Takeda vs Kankuro Hoshino – BJW Sapporo 2 Battles Day 2

Masashi Takeda (c) vs Kankuro Hoshino

Four Sided Light Tubes Tower & Kenzan Deathmatch for the BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship


Susukino Mars Gym, Sapporo, Japan

(reviewed 10/24/2017) My favorite BJW deathmatch of the year so far by a fairly wide margin. I’ve always liked Hoshino but especially enjoy him in this slimmed down figure and as a sort of lesser Takeda taking on the man himself. They’re both fairly athletic guys with lots of deathmatch experience and more than enough willingness to do dumb shit for a small crowd up in Sapporo. What’s more, I really like this venue and think it adds a lot of charm to this match, and its intimate space makes the sounds of this match pop in a way you don’t get a lot of other places. The lack of commentary really helps in that regard too. Fun stuff here. 2017’s been a weak year for deathmatches in Japan but this is easily a highlight.


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