Isami Kodaka vs Masaya Takahashi – BJW Ikkitousen Death Match Survivor 2017 Day 8

Isami Kodaka vs Masaya Takahashi

300 Light Tubes Deathmatch and Ikkitousen Death Match Survivor 2017 Finals


Sasukino Mars Gym, Sapporo, Japan

(reviewed 10/21/2017) At this point I’ve probably watched a few hundred deathmatches. Probably somewhere in the ballpark of 1000 matches or so. Chances are you’re not surprising me with anything unless you’re just pulling out some crazy-ass weapon I’ve never seen before, but even if you’re not, it’s not hard to put together an enjoyable little deathmatch that is completely forgettable in the grand scheme of things. That’s what this is like. It’s lots of fun, since these two are young-ish guys with more than enough experience and fire to keep things interesting, as well as the willingness to go all out. Kodaka’s especially neat here as the veteran of the match who is just a little more vicious, doing things like grabbing a handful of crushed glass and smashing it in Takahashi’s forehead as he’s got a headlock in or slipping a light tube bundle in the back of his shirt before doing a back kick. Takahashi, though, has some muscle on his side and uses it well here, tossing the smaller man around with all sorts of suplexes and slams and judo throws that are just always a ton of fun in an environment where every move you’re doing results in falling into broken glass. Add to that the fact that he gets his back really, really, really cut up in this match and you’ve got a neat little deathmatch here. Again, nothing spectacular or mindblowing or anything that’ll make it onto my top 100 matches of the year, but no waste of time either if you’re at all a fan of this style.


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